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December 2008 Sharp Transportation moved two Anadarko Gas Compressors to their new homes outside Vernal, Utah. The load had a gross weight of 311,000 lbs, was 24' wide, 19' tall. Each load had a total length of 160' long from bumper to bumper. Cozad Specialized Trailers were used to accomplish the task and each truck had a total of 13 axles. In all, it took a team of seven people to safely and efficiently deliver the compressor plants.

In March of 2009, Sharp Transportation was hired to transport a multi-miillion dollar boiler from Texas to Salt Lake City, Utah for a Chevron refinery. The process took over two weeks! The item was safely delivered and arrived, without incident, and ahead of schedule. The process of moving such a large load involves a highly orchestrated plan involving utility companies in each state, state patrol cars, permits, well trained pilots, and a highly skilled driver, as well as a fast acting, well prepared office support system. In some areas, up to 8 utility trucks had to be coordinated. The load weighed 305,000 lbs, was 16 feet wide and 21 feet high. The overall load length was 155 feet long.


Just when you think we've done it all, along comes more excitement and challenges! Thanks to everyone's hard work and drive, we are now diving into transporting windmill tower sections, and more! With the upcoming demand for cleaner and more effecient energy production, Steve Sharp Transportation has stepped into the world of wind power. Our professional drivers are pros at moving tower bases, mids, and tops. We are also looking into moving the transmissions.

Even though we are driving into the wind energy side of things, we still are dedicated to all the other freight we transport. The Steve Sharp Transportation family will continue to strive at perfection and reliability for all our customers as we keep America moving into the 21st century.

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